Matovu Hassan, a Ugandan artist born in Kampala in 1997, delves into diverse mediums, aiming to provoke thought, spark dialogue, and honor the resilience of faith in the collective human journey. Simply being alive serves as his greatest inspiration, finding influence in conversations with strangers, travel, music, and the quest for self-discovery through art. Among his notable works is “Half-baked Faith,” a collection of paintings exhibited at Goethe Zentrum in 2023. Through acrylic paint and brush strokes on canvas, it narrates a symbolic journey, exploring themes of resilience and hope. This collection holds profound personal and universal significance, inviting viewers to contemplate their beliefs and experiences. It stands as a testament to Hassan’s commitment to using art as a pathway for connection, reflection, and inspiration in the shared human experience.

Having created a vast series of works using different mediums and tools, he gained confidence and started taking commissions, painting murals both in the community and private spaces, plus working on art projects and collaborations.

He has shown work in group exhibitions locally and internationally.

  • Solo Exhibition 4th-17th February 2023,The Goethe Zentrum Kampala, Uganda
  • (IN)Visible Mothers (Kunstraume Micheal Horbach Stiftung. Koln, Germany, 2022)

Hassan has shown in the group exhibitions

  • Wanji Art collaboration (UNCC Uganda National Theatre Kampala, Uganda, 2019),
  • Walls Speak (Wonder Art Gallery. Kampala, Uganda, 2019),
  • National Cultural Day (UNCC Uganda National Theatre Kampala, Uganda, 2019)
  • Alchimiography Gatherings (MOTIV Kampala, Uganda, 2023)


  • Winner- Mural competition 2021 ( by Alliance Francaise & Goethe-Zentrum)
  • Individuality and collectivity (Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany, 2022)
  • TAAT Arts Collective (2022)
  • Talkaoke Skills Lab (The Peoplespeak, KQ Hub, 2022)

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